FAMtastic Tour



How we think?

Travel is a powerful life changing experience.

The world is an open school, and travelling is the only way to learn first-hand about, people, places, cultures, history, art, love and life.

Regardless of our ages, interests and backgrounds, any trip short or long, takes us into a journey to discover, learn and be amazed.

Our tours are carefully crafted to allow our travelers to enjoy people, and places.

Our name Fam/tastic a combination of 2 words or actually 3 words, to define what we are.

  • Fam from Familiarization, because our tours are for the explorers, the searchers, the everlasting learners about people and cultures beyond geographical, and social borders.
  • Fam from family, because our tours are customized to fit all ages; whatever is your age group, we can have something for you, and it is there to enjoy it with your friends, spouses, partners, kids or bunch of totally strangers, who will after traveling together become friends.
  • Famtastic is from Fantastic, because we make traveling, fun, awesome, entertaining, educative, and mind-blowing, we bring the WOW Factor to your travelling Experience.