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Belly Dancing Egypt

Our Tours are designed especially for those who want to enjoy a fantastic tour and experience belly dancing in its homeland.

Our programs combine belly dancing lessons, belly dancing performances, and classical tours.

Accompanied with your professional belly dancer or requesting our local professionals, stars and glamorous Belly Dancers lead the dancing sessions, FAMtastic Tours is ready to assist you to create your own program that is made to fulfill your dream tour and desires.

Or you may join one of our Belly Dancing groups.

Dabka (Dabke, Dabkeh or Dabkah) Dancing Lebanon

Exclusive tours including Dabka lessons and the opportunity to perform in Beirut show rooms or clubs.

The Dabka is a folkloric Lebanese dance. According to one folk tradition, the dance originated in the Levant where houses were built from stone with a roof made of wood, straw and dirt. The dirt roof had to be compacted which required stomping the dirt hard in a uniform way to compact it evenly. This event of cooperation is called taawon and from here comes the word awneh, meaning "help." This developed into the Arabic song Ala Dalouna, roughly translated, "Lets go and help". The dabke and the rhythmic songs go together in an attempt to keep the work fun and useful.

Maybe that this is the reason to the fun and joy you feel when you go to this lovely country LEBANON.

The Lebanese teach their sons and daughters to dance the Dabka since their childhood.

Join one of our FAMtastic Groups to this hidden Paradise used to be known as the Bride or Switzerland of the Middle East.

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Egypt , Lebanon,
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Cairo, Egypt
8 Days
Starting From $1,290


Beirut, lebanon
3 Days
Starting From N/A

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